An Italian history

It doesn’t matter where you’re coming from…what matters is where you’re heading to!

This quote can be easily related to Gra-Rivadossi evolution: despite the fact it was born in a little town, its craftsmen were able to enchant a wide audience both in Italy and abroad.


The continuous evolution of the residential architectonic style inevitably changed every furnishing component, including the door handle.

The different shapes of door handles match the style of doors and windows. Doorknobs, handles, knockers and switch covers are chosen according to the warmness of the brass, the brightness of the chrome and the delicate satin finish of the interiors.


Where does Rivadossi get its new ideas from?

The hot stamping process has been developed to avoid the porosity of the brass and to increase its quality. Rivadossi has a solution ready for every customer’s need, regardless of the difference of styles that may be desired. Rivadossi offers a wide range of doorknobs, handles, knockers and furnishing to create unique and fascinating solutions, full of personality.
…but it isn’t over! The tailored approach to customers can satisfy the most special taste and needs.


The attention to the details is in every phase of the GRA-Rivadossi production.

Polished brass, chromed brass, nickel-plated brass, bronzed brass, gold-plated brass and vacuum metallizing: several high quality and strictly Made in Italy finishes to choose.


GRA-Rivadossi is based on a unique style of classic brass products keeping its eyes on the future. Quality means to give care and attention in every single detail of the product: it isn’t a simple object, but an accessory able to express the work behind it and the story of a group of people that strongly believe in excellence. GRA-Rivadossi is constantly focused on its products along the whole fabrication process, for this reason, all the accessories have the ISO 9001 certificate.