The attention to the detail is in every step of the GRA-Rivadossi production.


Polished brass, chromed brass, nickel-plated brass, bronzed brass, gold-plated brass and vacuum metalizing: a lot of high quality finishes to choose for brass handles, brass knobs, switch plates and interior decoration fittings. All the finishes are made of high quality materials and all 100% Made in Italy.


All the expert craftsmen get their heart into the making of the products and this is why there is no difference of importance between the pieces, they are all part of the same family but still every item has its unique traits, to repay the trust the costumers always have shown us.

Top coating

ABF® Antibacterial Finish

ABF® is a transparent silver-ion coating that combines the high quality of the finish with the antibacterial effect, ensuring a high level of hygiene on treated surfaces.

Following the European standard ISO 22196, it is a finish composed of a polymeric base able to act actively on bacteria.

Also, there is an ongoing test to see if it also acts on organisms such as viruses, following the European standard ISO 21702.

Being a transparent top-coating, it can be applied to items such as handles, knobs, hinged doors, and finishes. It is also suitable for all domestic environments, for urban use and hospitals.


This finish has a bactericidal action and it can eliminate over 99% of harmful agents: thanks to its bactericidal action, ABF is the right solution for greater protection against bacteria and micro-organisms, enemies of health.


OLV – Polished Lacquered Brass

OS – Satin Brass

OL – Polished Brass

OLB – Polished Lacquered Brass

CR – Chrome Plated Brass

CS – Satin Chrome Brass

NS – Satin Nickeled Brass

NLV – Polished Nickeled Brass

YEB – Scratched Opaque Bronzed Brass

OGR – Scratched Polished Bronzed Brass

FUMÈ – Blended Bronzed Brass

AB – Antique Bronzed Brass

SIB – Antique Iron Brass

OBO – Satin Bronzed Brass

MBB – Opaque Bronzed Brass, Light

DOR – Opaque Bronzed Brass, Dark

PLO – 24 karats Gold Plated Brass

PVD – Scratch-proof / Antioxidant vacuum metalized brass

PVD NK – Scratch-proof / Antioxidant vacuum metalized brass

PVD GRA – Scratch-proof / Antioxidant vacuum metalized brass

PVD INOX – Scratch-proof / Antioxidant vacuum metalized brass