It was 1992…

Giacinto Rivadossi, native of Lumezzane, started a small craftsman’s business in Caino in 1920, already in 1922, he was 27 years-old and he went to Agnosine to build his workshop. He found an old mill among the Bondaglio creek, he bought it and using the water flow that for centuries made those heavy millstones rotate, he created the company producing handles, handle accessories and other interior decoration fittings.


The plant was at first placed among the creek, on a steep ravine tanked under a parish church and then, over time, it became to extend over the stream and into the rock. The Rivadossi history reflects the one of the handles, that over the years goes from an artisanal working process to a more technological production.


In the early twenties, the pieces were produced using sand casting and shell molding techniques, the resulting models were solid and Neoclassical, while the die-casting automatic machines and new alloys began to be used during the post-war period.


The Rivadossi handles retrace all the Italian history, from the very beginning of the industry, that has become, through years, more and more advanced, however, always keeping the quality of a craft production.


Year after year, the company, started in a small plant, gets bigger and gains national importance through a network of agents and representatives, still active in some regions.

GRA-Rivadossi: highly estimated abroad too

The rise of the European Common Market and the elimination of the customs barriers, produced an evolution in the architectural styles that affects all the interior decoration fittings and involve even the handle production. This changes started an international climate of competition: the 1965 opened two important commercial routes like France and USA.


The constant development of the architectural lines inevitably involves the handles too, like any other interior decoration fitting. The handle models and their matching models, such as knobs, pull knobs, door knockers, hinges, switch plates, bolts, costume hooks and latches, are perfect complete the style of your doors and windows.


Rivadossi continues to expand in other countries in its own way: with its brilliant colour combinations, its brass, its delicate satin finish and its attention to detail.


For 90 years, every single GRA-Rivadossi item, is a unique piece, result of the capability of people who strongly believe in Italian quality. Next to the wide range of Rivadossi products, that includes more than 1000 items, there are regularly patented models designed by architects.

The acquisition in the Becchetti Bal group

In 2012, the company was acquired by the Becchetti Bal group, that since more than 100 years enrich houses all over the world with brass handles and accessories for doors, windows and interior furniture, there are 20 different finishes.


The first Becchetti forge for the brass working was born in 1882, but was with Angelo Becchetti that began the history of the company in 1907.

Since then, the attention to the details is a distinctive sign of the Becchetti Bal production, it won the taste of the most renowned interior designers. The company creates versatile high-quality products with hand made finishes, paying attention to our costumer’s requests and making them realized.

From the standard collections to the customized pieces, every handle is born from the encounter between experience and innovation.

Thanks to a widespread distribution and a collaboration with some of the leading members of the industry, the company succeeds to satisfy both the Italian and the foreign demand. The export all over the world demonstrate international mind of the company, since the beginning it won the taste of the most renowned interior designers. The Royal Residence of King Baudouin of Belgium, the Vittoriale degli Italiani, the Villa Feltrinelli, the Governator’s Palace in Vatican, the headquarters of the Cariplo bank and even the Andrea D’Oria are some of the historical places built in the early 20th century that own Bal handles and accessories.


And now? The tradition goes on with the Fenice theatre of Venice, the Danieli, the Cipriani hotel, the Grand Hotel Dogi and the Rimini Grand Hotel. Despite the company has more than a century of history, it is open to innovation and new realities, it is looking to the future thanks to its solid roots grounded in tradition.

This are the foundations of GRA-Rivadossi too, a business started in the early 20th century but always informed on the new trends.