GRA-Rivadossi: brass handles – craftsmanship, quality, modern materials.

In 1992, Giacinto Rivadossi started a company in Valsabbia producing brass handles, handles accessories and interior decoration fittings. The Rivadossi handles retrace all the Italian history, since the beginnings of the industry, that has become, through years, more and more advanced, however, always keeping the quality of a craft production.

Year after year, the company, started in a little establishment along the Bondaglio creek, gets bigger and earns national importance through a network of agents and representatives. The rise of the Common Market and the elimination of the customs barriers, produced an evolution in the architectural styles that affects all the interior decoration fittings and involve even the handle production.


To fulfill the market demands, GRA-Rivadossi relies on the strength of the warm color of the brass and increases the search of style and shape, for a 100% made in Italy production. For 90 years, every single GRA-Rivadossi item, is a unique piece, result of the capability of people who strongly believe in Italian quality.

In 2012, the company was acquired by the Becchetti Bal group, that, with its centenary history, has been able to win the taste of the most renowned interior designers. A century of experience, the attention to the details, refined shapes and care for the finishes come together to ensure a high quality of all the handles, pull handles, brass knobs, switch plates and other interior decoration fittings.

GRA-Rivadossi, timeless Italian taste.

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Every GRA-Rivadossi product come from the brass bars hot forging, a technique that reduces the  porosity of the material and that improves its quality, ensuring a higher quality to every piece.

There is a wide range of handles, pull handles, escutcheons, door roses, knobs, doorbells, bolts, turn and release and interior decoration fittings all characterized by a classical style and unique, for every style requirement. The craftsmanship in the brass processing and the 100% Made in Italy excellence of the GRA-Rivadossi company, come together to create a range of unique and products, perfect for every furnishing solution.


Thanks to the tailor-made approach, is also possible to satisfy any customization requirement and exclusive production on the base of the costumer’s drawing, for a perfect stylistic and design cohesion. Every GRA-Rivadossi accessory represent a timeless art piece, with an high quality and beautiful workmanship.


The attention to the details is in every phase of the GRA-Rivadossi production. Polished brass, chromed brass, nickel-plated brass, bronzed brass, gold-plated brass and vacuum metallizing: several high quality and strictly Made in Italy finishes to choose.